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Welcome to the British pen pals!

To go directly to the British pen pals use the free panel on the right of this page. Just make a couple of simple selections that will ensure that you view the pen pals profiles that are right for you, then click the 'Go to Profiles button'.

You will then be taken directly to the British pen pals with photos of your choice so that you can see what your new potential pen pal will look like as well as read what she or he says.

You can browse the British pen friend profiles whether you live outside Britain or inside Britain. If you live outside Britain then a British pen pal is a good choice because it will give you an insight into the 'real' Britain, which is very different from the national stereotypes you may have encountered.

If you are British but living outside the country then here is a good opportunity to make some online pen pals who you can keep in touch with and look up when you get back home.

A beautiful British girl or handsome British boy as a pen pal will not only give you unique insight into the British way of life, but could give you a potentailly life-long friend (and who knows what this friendship may become). So check out the British profiles now.

Find penpals of Britain here:

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If you are from outside Britain and know nothing of British life then here are a few VERY basic 'facts' about the country so that you have a starting point when it comes to emailing a british pen pal:

  • Britain (or Great Britain) has a population of approx 59 million, so its cities are fairly large.
  • It is the home of the English language, which spread to North America, Australasia, South Africa and others largely through Colonialism.
  • The British weather changes from one day to the next and so is a topic of casual conversation.
  • In their spare time, British penpals sometimes like to go shopping.
  • Some British pen pals will enjoy discussing pop music, movies (films), games, fiction, wildlife and so on.

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"Getting to know new people at home or abroad is one of the greatest pleasures of life."

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