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A Brief Beginners Guide to Forces Pen Pals
Compiled by Vinny Appleby

Define: Armed Forces Pen Pals

Armed forces pen pals are people you write to in the armed services, such as the navy, army and air force.

How are forces pen pals different from other pen pals?

When you come down to basics, they aren't. Armed forces pen friends are still people you get to know by email perhaps with the intention of getting to know them face to face later. However, it has to be remembered that forces pen pals are doing a very difficult job, so you have to be aware of this when writing. This mainly means not discussing any war that they are involved in, and concentrating on news from home.

Are forces pen pals harder to talk to than other pen pals?

No, of course not. Armed forces penpals are just normal people like you, and they have chosen to serve their country.

Will I always be able to reach my forces pen pals by email?

Usually, unless they are specifically involved in battle or security situations.

Where is a good place to find armed forces pen pals?

There are various places, but I always recommend this: Forces Pen Pals. This is a link to a site called Military where you will find very large numbers of forces pen pals ready to contact. You can join this site for free, and there are paid upgrade options too.

Do forces pen pals ever marry their pen pal?

There are many cases where this happens. I am myself the son of such a marriage. However this does not mean that you have to pursue a romantic relationship with your armed forces pen pal unless you want to. There are lots of beautiful friendships happening too.

Where can I read more about forces pen pals?

I say stop reading and take the plunge by joining Military Pen Pal .net for free, then get to know some actual forces penfriends. But if you want to read more first then you could try Forces Pen Pals Advice, as well as my own articles: Military Pen Pals to Meet, US Military and Forces Pen Pals and my question and answer page Looking for a pen pal in the Military. Some of the information here appears on these pages too.


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For Forces pen pals we recommend you try Forces Pen Pal .net as it protects your personal details and has extra features, such as chat and virtual dating that you will enjoy. So why not give it a try? You can search for your own forces penpals at using the panel above right. Just specify the age group and home country or state of the people you are looking for -- it's very easy.

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You may well want to come back to this page again once you've tried out the penfriends panel above, so don't forget to bookmark it. Also remember that Forces Pen Pals are for dating as well as for friendship.

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