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French Pen Pals Online

By Vinny Appleby

French pen pals seem very popular at present. I don't know if it's the time of year -- language classes starting perhaps -- or various other factors, but people are definitely searching for a pen pal who is French.

And why not? If you are looking for a European penpal then a new French friend is certainly a good choice, an opportunity perhaps to learn more about the fascinating and ancient culture of France, it's art, architecture, music and literature. Or perhaps you are just attracted to the idea of having a sexy French friend? Nothing wrong with that.

Then again, if you are studying the French language then a French pen pal is an obvious choice to help you with your verb forms and everyday phrases. There's nothing like a living, breathing speaker of a language to bring such studies to life, as well as to teach you the things you would never learn from a book, such as casual up-to-date greetings, the expressions in current use and so on.

Hundreds of real French pen pals are waiting for you here...

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They say that French is the language of romance, so if you are seeking a little romance in your life -- whether you are in your twenties, your seventies or anywhere in between, then getting to know a French pen pal online could be the way to go. You could even combine the two and learn some French at the same time as starting a romance -- now, there's an idea.

Don't forget as well that your new French pen pal doesn't have to be from France, especially if we redefine the term to read 'French-speaking penpal'. Then many more possibilities open up location-wise. To begin with, an obvious possibility is finding a French pen pal in French-speaking Canada -- a kind of French and Canadian pen pal rolled into one, perhaps! To help you discover other French-speaking places where you can find penpals the search panel above right includes all or most countries where French is spoken as a main language.

The search panel will take you to Pen Pals Planet, by the way, a very good location to find French pen pals because it protects your private information and offers other benefits that many sites don't.

So, have fun finding French pen pals, whether you are seeking a romantic partner, a language partner or a new friendship of any kind!

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