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If you live in the West then the wonderfully exotic and fascinating land of Japan is a great place to look for new friends in. With its stunning mountains and rugged coasts, its technologically advanced cities and amazing ideas, it's a great choice to find out more about through the people who live there, making Japanese pen pals a good choice.

Or perhaps you are yourself Japanese, living abroad or home and simply looking for new friends. In either case the listings can help you get to know new people.

Amazing Facts About The Lives Of Your Japanese Pen Pals

Of course ordinary Japanese people do not experience all of the potentially surprising things below on a regular basis, but at least these facts -- used sensitively and sparingly -- could give you useful conversation starters with your new Japanese pen friends.

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1. Mountains: 70% of Japan is mountainous, with more than 200 active volcanoes, including Mt Fuji, which is active.

2. Food: There are many stereotypes (some negative) about the food that may be eaten by your Japanese pen pals, but it is claimed that raw horse meat (called Basashi) is a popular dish, and while whale meat may be found in some restaurants it is not regarded as a delicacy but by some as somewhat of a tired dish from the WWII years.

3. Sumo: Sumo wrestling is the most popular sport in Japan. The junior Rikishi Sumo wrestlers must wash and bathe the senior ones, even in their 'hard to reach' places. To maintain their weight, Sumo wrestlers eat a high calorie stew called Chankonabe.

4. Nobel Laureates: Japan has produced 15 Nobel laureates, in Medicine, Chemistry and Physics.

5. Etiquette: When using the restroom in a Japanese home special slippers are put on so as not to contaminate other parts of the house. Raised floors in different rooms usually indicate that you need to take off your shoes.


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