i am looking for a pen pal in the military

"I am looking for a Pen Pal in the Military"

How to find a pen pal in the military/armed forces

Q. i am looking for a pen pal in the military - how do I find one?

A. A good place to find military pen pals is at Military Pen Pal .net, a site dedicated to this form of contacting and getting to know others.

The site Military Pen Pal .net allows you to join for free. Military pen pals will then be able to contact you, so you get the opportunity to be contacted by those seeking pen pals without any outlay. You can also actually reply to military pen pals who contact you first, unlike most other sites of this kind that require you to subscribe before you can reply. However, for total functionality we suggest a paid subscription to MilitaryPenPal.net as this will allow you to take control and contact other members first.

Q. What kind of people can I meet at Military Pen Pal .net?

A. At Military Pen Pal .net you can meet a range of people from those simply looking for email friends through those who hope such a friendship might develop into something more to those who are seeking a dating partner in the military. If you are a woman then you can expect to find at the site a lot of military men, and if you are yourself a miltary man then you will of course find women of all ages who would like to meet you.

Please also take note that there are military girls looking for men at the site too.

You Can Find Just the Right Pen Pal in the Military at MilitaryPenPal.net

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Q. How do I find a pen pal in the military at MilitaryPenPal.net?

A. Very easy as the site is designed to help you at all stages. You should never be left wondering what to do. To begin, either click on the link here: MilitaryPenPal .net and explore the site, or go directly to the profiles of members by using the search box above right on this page.

Q. I am looking for a pen pal in the military but why should I pay to join a site?

A. You can of course join Military Pen Pal .net for free -- in which case you can freely send "smiles" to break-the-ice with any member, as well as reply to those who contact you. The site does have a paid subscription option too, and perhaps this is what your question is driving at. There are certainly free military pen pals sites out there, and perhaps if you simply want to chat to a few soldiers on a friendly basis for a little while then these free military pen pal sites might be worth considering. However, all web sites have a cost associated with their running and availablity, so properly funded sites (whether through your own paid subscription, or that of others if you are a free member) are likely to be more reliable, to be properly organized and so on.

What we suggest is that you join MilitaryPenPal.net for free as well as another free site (that is not funded by subscriptions) for comparison. Our prediction is that you will quickly find which is best. The old saying 'you get what you pay for' has surely some relevance here.

Other advantages of Military Pen Pal .net are that all critical data is stored on secure servers to protect against identity theft; your personal data is never displayed on the site and is never shared or sold; the site has a no to spam emails policy; there are no pop-ups.


If this applies to you: "I am looking for a pen pal in the military", then why not take a look at Military Pen Pal .net right away, as you can join for free...


Try out the panel above right and look for a pen pal in the military today. And please don't forget to

We recommend Military Pen Pal .net for when you are looking for a pen pal in the military.

InternationalPenPal.com may be the site you'll want to come back to again and again once you've tried out the penpals panel above, so don't forget to bookmark us. If you are specifically looking for dating rather than for a pen pal in the military then go to Dating Categories, but note that you can find military dating at Military Pen Pal.net as well as pen pals for friendship.

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