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Military Pen Pals and What They Mean to You
by Vinny Appleby

Military pen pals make great pen friends. There are also a few important things you should bear in mind when getting to know people in the military as penpals.

To begin with, it is important that you understand that military pen pals are a more rarified form of penfriend than the usual run-of-the-mill penpal. What I am talking about here is the fact that your new army, airforce or navy pen pals are doing a very important job for us all, so they deserve our support and respect for what they have dedicated their time and effort towards.

Due to the nature of their job, military pen pals may place more emphasis in their lives on their pen pals than would everyday penpals in jobs at home. This is part of what I mean when I talk about the 'rarified atmospere' in which your relationship with your military penpal exists. If posted abroad, as many are, military personnel will be very keen to hear about what is going on back home, and their pen pals will form an important link to the world they have left behind. So, as their pen pal this places a responsibility upon you.

You need to be aware of this aspect of having a military pen pal and be prepared to show your understanding and support of their situation.

Of course you may have military pen pals for a variety of reasons: to support the troops, as friends who may or may not have a long-term career in the armed forces, as people whom you may want to develop a deeper relationship with -- there are many examples of military penpals who eventually turn into spouses. But usually you cannot second guess how a relationship will turn out. You have to enter any new relationship with an open mind.

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An immediate aspect to be aware of when getting to know your new military pen pals is that, although most of them should have access to email, there may be some serving in war zones who do not, so such a relationship would in this case have to develop through the medium of ink and paper.

Bear all of this in mind, show respect for the great task your military pen pals have committed to, their situation and need for news and support from home, and you should derive a great deal of satisfaction from having such interesting pen pals.

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