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By Vinny Appleby

"Would you like to give your friendship to US military personnel at home or overseas? Would you like to get to know a US army soldier, a US Navy pen pal or someone in the US airforce? Now is your chance to fulfil this ambition. US Military Pen Pals are available today at" This is a quotation in support of, an excellent place to find a US military penpal. You can search their pen pals database by using the panel to the right.

Of course when we think about where we might find US military pen pals we tend to think of Iraq and Afghanistan. But did you know that US military personnel are posted in many other locations overseas? The latest figures I can find are from 2005, and they show that while there are over 200,000 US military personnel in the Middle East (mainly in the two countries already mentioned, of course) there are also nearly 100,000 stationed in Europe and nearly 70,000 stationed in East Asia. There are also small numbers of US military personnel stationed in the Americas and in Africa. (Figures extrapolated from on "Global US Troop Deployment 1950 - 2005").

Naturally, as well, at you are going to find US military pen pals at home and even outside the armed forces, for the service is open to anyone interested in the military or interested in writing to military penpals.

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A typical non-military member of this US Military Pen Pals Site would be a US woman seeking friendship or more amongst military men. However, on the other side of the coin there are plenty of men interested in getting to know military girls and women.

So, in getting to know US military pen pals what should you bear in mind? Here are some points for you to consider:

  • US military soldiers and others stationed overseas will welcome news and information from home -- "just to chat with the folks back home".

  • US military pen pals can become more than pen pals. Here's the wonderful story of an American woman who met her husband by getting a military penpal:

  • The idea of having US military pen pals and friends is to support the troops, not to criticize, so do not write to your penpal about political issues centered around their often times difficult roles.

  • While most US military penpals should have access to email, some in battle zones may not, in which case paper and pen letters will become necessary, along with the wait-times involved in this case.

  • Many US military personnel stationed in areas of the world described above that are outside the obvious places of Iraq and Afghanistan would appreciate having pen pals back home just as much as anyone else.

  • Responsibilities: I've written about the responsibilities of those having US military penpals at a page simply called Military Pen Pals, so check out my thoughts on this there.

  • US military pen pals may be risking their lives so this is an aspect of writing to such a pen pal that you must bear in mind. If this is not for you there are many other kinds of penpals available from our International Pen Pals Home Page.

I hope these notes and ideas on the subject of US military pen pals will be of use to you.

For US Military pen pals we recommend Military Pen Pal .net as it protects your personal details and has great features and navigation that you will find easy to use. So why not give it a try? You can search for your own US military penpals at using the panel above. Just specify the age range and US state of the people you would like to get to know -- it's easy!

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This may be the site you'll want to come back to again and again once you've tried out the penpals panel above, so don't forget to bookmark us! If you are specifically looking for dating rather than US military pen pals then go to Dating Categories, but note that you can find military dating at Military Pen as well as pen pals for friendship.

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